Who Were Don and Billie Sexton?

Who Were Don & Billie Sexton? by Adam Clagg  Pastoral Ministry Not many pastors become missionaries at the age of 42. After pastoring in Elizabethton, Tennessee, Don & Billie Sexton successfully planted the First Free Will Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They had one child graduating high school and the other had just started college […]

Do Vs Done

Do versus Done (Religion vs. Christianity)

Do vs. Done: the difference between Religion and Christianity. Religion and Christianity are two totally separate things.  With religion, people are trying to earn their way to heaven (or blessings or favor with God) through good works.  Doing good things and not doing bad things is not the steps for salvation. Christianity (being a follower […]

Go Fund Who? Three Questions to Ask Before You Give

Jenny and I love to give! Being a pastor places me in a unique position in the community to know thousands of people. When you know many people, you learn of many needs. Since we are involved in some wonderful charities and non-profits, we get to partner with some wonderful people to do awesome things. […]

Unfair Expectations of a Leadership Pedestal

Unfair Expectations of a Leadership Pedestal

I remember my mother telling me, “Only one thing happens when people put you on a pedestal. You fall off!” She was a pastor’s wife and knew that people always treated her differently. She didn’t put herself on a pedestal. My mom was (and is) a very humble person and doesn’t claim to be perfect. […]

What is a mastermind group

What is a Mastermind Group?

I’m part of a small mastermind group and really enjoy it.  We meet every two weeks on Tuesday nights using Google Hangouts and Slack. Why a virtual meeting? I am in Chattanooga, two guys are in Nashville, one is in North Carolina, and the other is in Japan. What is a mastermind group? Groups like this […]

Five Things We've Learned During Our First Year of Homeschool

Five Things We’ve Learned During our First Year of Homeschool

It is springtime and we have almost completed our first year of homeschooling our six-year-old daughter.  It has been an awesome year filled with growth, laughter, tears, frustration, change, and flexibility.  Here are a few things we have learned as new homeschool parents. 1. We have a lot to learn. Even though 1.77 million students¹ are […]

My family is my most important ministry.

Family Fun Fridays

Did you know that 33% of pastors reported that their children over the age of 15 have left the church?  Also, 42% of pastors of grown children wish they had spent more time with their children when they were younger.¹ Many people don’t realize how stressful pastoral ministry is for the entire family.   It is […]

Why I'm Starting a BLog

Why I’m Starting a Blog

  Why am I starting a blog today? Many people assume that I already had a blog. I’ve been writing and editing since 2002 in a freelance capacity for wonderful organizations like Chattanoogan.com, Randall House, and Zondervan. Some of these projects were small in scope like covering town council meetings, while others were large projects […]