Rebuild the Broken Wall Sermon

“Rebuild the Broken Walls” – sermon from June 26, 2016

Dr. Adam Clagg

Covenant Church

Nehemiah 1 & 2

Introduction: It is great to build. We feel good when we have accomplished something.  Look at the beautiful pools from in our neighborhood. It looks like a resort. One neighbor built a deck with a pool, then another, then another. Seeing an idea in your head become real is an amazing thing.

When God wants to do something great, He will give one of His followers a burden to do it.

How Do We Rebuild Broken Walls?

  1. Pray because it is important and because prayer works!
  2. Plan your next steps so you are ready when God opens the door.
  3. Prepare yourself for opposition.

What has God placed in your heart to do for Him?

Pray, pray, pray and He will guide your steps to fulfill His will.

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Adam Clagg